Contribution to the development of the region

PPGECO began its activities in 2015 through an agreement signed between the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) and the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Eastern Amazon EMBRAPA), and since then, it has been seen as a differential with respect to the qualification of the training of professionals who are able to work with issues related to the economic and social development of the Amazon region. The course has Ecology as its only Area of ​​Concentration, adopting as a foundation the consolidation of Ecology teaching from the undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences of UFPA. It stands out in the region for its scope in relation to the studies of this science in relation to other programs, which were sometimes limited in research directed to this area. The creation of the Program has brought perspectives to researchers interested in developing their work within the reality of the Brazilian Amazon, a region rich in biodiversity and increasingly suffering environmental impacts from the unbridled extraction of its resources. As a result, PPGECO seeks to contribute to the promotion of scientific development in the region. In order to subsidize the elaboration of strategies that allow the sustainable use of its resources, combined with economic and social development.